The more I think about it, the more I am set in my belief that people are what I want to paint above everything else. I was standing in a queue of people today and I immediately began observing and wondering about them. Everyone is so unique and I find myself scanning them for individual characteristics, touches or marks that make them different to each other. Behind every one of those people are stories about their lives and circumstances and I began wondering about them.  I found myself thinking what the outward appearance shows about the inward being and how the outward can not show everything about you and can be deceiving but yet, at the same time, is still so much part of who you are. I became drawn in: the way this person stands; the lowering of that person’s eyes, the biting of his lip, the curl of the edge of her smile; the choice of their clothes. All of this is an expression of who they are.  I think how fascinating it all is and how I want to know and understand them. A sweeping landscape and a dramatic sky may catch my attention but they cannot hold it, not like the complexity of a person and all that goes on in their mind and heart. I truly cannot think of painting anything else.


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