I guess many artists use photos as reference material for their paintings and in the case of painting portraits or figures this is very practical. I would love to paint from real life and I do hope to, but for now, practical restraints mean photos are the way to go. I use photos that I find on websites specially designed for artists to use and some from friends with their permission. What I like most, of course, is to be able to use my own photos. It makes it so much easier all round! The SLR camera that I have been using decided to give some problems recently and it turned out to be more economical to purchase a new bridge camera instead of sorting the old one out! So as a result of recent painting profits I am now using a bridge camera with an amazing zoom capacity! I had such fun taking snaps over the holidays and now have a small collection of useful and really usable photos. This one I love and it will definitely be making it’s way onto canvas in the not too distant future!


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