Name It

I have been thinking a lot about titles lately and I wonder how other artists choose their titles and why they choose what they do. I guess it is a very personal thing. I can understand that titles I would regard as very bland, such as “Girl Walking”, are used because they do not influence the mind and let the painting stand by itself to be interpreted as the viewer wishes. However, I love words, I love playing with words and it comes naturally to want to describe what my paintings represent. To give a meaningful title is brave, indeed to paint and show your work is brave from the start. Your very heart, your very soul stands before everyone to see and judge. In the end art should not be confined or constrained by the preferences or likes of others; you should paint the way you paint, in the style that comes naturally to you; choose the subjects that interest you and you connect with and finally name it because it’s yours, it’s part of you.


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